Tasmeem Doha is an international, biennial art and design conference hosted and organized by VCUarts Qatar since 2004. Each edition of Tasmeem Doha highlights a unique and contemporary theme within art and design, exploring novel concepts, methods, and applications, and engaging in critical discussions. The event is open to the public, with attendees and participants consisting of international designers, artists, academics, students, industry professionals, and the local community.

( From left to right, Hadeer Omar, Wajiha Pervez, Noha Fouad and Yasmeen Suleiman )

( From left to right, Hadeer Omar, Wajiha Pervez, Noha Fouad and Yasmeen Suleiman )


Hadeer is a time-based media artist, designer, and educator. Her passion for documentary and cultural movements crosses disciplines within art, immersive media, photography and film, as a means of presenting stories through her work. Her work has been showcased in Aesthetic Short Film Festival, CairoTronica, Ajyal Film Festival, STARTS Prize - Ars Electronica, and Qatar Contemporary Art and Photography in Russia. In her spare time, she develops film in her bathroom or watches YouTube tutorials. Hadeer has an MFA in Design and a BFA in Graphic Design from VCUarts Qatar.


‪In love with coffee, shoes, textiles and all things handmade. Wajiha enjoys bringing innovation, appreciation for living material culture and sustainability to practice through her work. She is
a sneakerhead, a believer in process, a constant traveler and an ignitor of ideas. You will find her experimenting with materials, collecting unique footwear around the world and discussing ideas
over coffee. Wajiha has an MFA in Design from VCUarts Qatar and a BFA in Textile design from UCAD, Pakistan.


‪Noha is a designer with a passion for all things technology. She dabs her feet into various design disciplines, exploring the differences–but more importantly, the similarities–of design. Noha strives to leave her mark on the world–for design, through design. When she’s not busy designing, you will probably find her fixing the hotbed of her 3D printer for the 100th time. Noha has an MFA in Design from VCUarts Qatar and a BID in Industrial Design from Carleton University, Canada.


‪Yasmeen approaches design from multiple perspectives, with an unquenchable curiosity and appreciation for how materials transform ideas into tangible reality. She previously worked with HOK on the Hamad International Airport project and is currently the Materials Curator at VCUarts Qatar’s Materials Library. Her research interests include history, culture, crafts, architecture, art, and design. She enjoys collecting notebooks and loves to cook. Yasmeen has an MFA in Design, and a BFA (Hons.) in Interior Design and Art History (Minor) from VCUarts Qatar.


Footage of past Tasmeem Doha editions, including its inauguration in 2004