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Tasmeem Doha 2019 will be the first event to debut the Next Jeel program - meaning Next “Generation” in Arabic. We want to extend the opportunity and platform to students to step up and lead a workshop. This program intends to empower students to lead rather than be on the receiving end. It’s an opportunity to value their skills, develop, and share them. 

We aim to have a total of 10 unique workshops, 5 conducted by VCUarts Qatar students, and 5 conducted by VCU Richmond students. Next Jeel Workshops will run simultaneously on the last day of the event, lasting approximately 3 hours.



Heidi Rashad - BFA Fashion Design - Senior (VCUarts Qatar)

The act of Distortion is impulsive. 'Distort' is a workshop aimed to explore the impetuous creative process behind making but deforming an everyday staple of our wardrobe: a T-Shirt. With the help of a team of Fashion Design students, each participant will create their own design by deforming the common elements of a T-shirt.


VR Immersion: Design your own reality

Mariam Rafehi - MFA Design - 2nd Year (VCUarts Qatar)

The future of storytelling is immersion! Get a quick intro into how virtual reality will transform stories by learning about fascinating industry examples. Then take a stab at using Unity 3D to personalize your own VR space and walk away with the app to view in Google cardboard.


Generative Spin Art

Mohammad Jawad- MFA Design - 2nd Year (VCUarts Qatar)

Workshop participants will fabricate traditional-Pakistani spinning tops to produce generative, playful forms of experimental mark-making. As a unique tool for creative exploration, the spinning top relies on rotational inertia to produce unexpected outcomes. Participants will explore this process through the use of multiple materials including inks, paints, and various pigments.



Reham Mohamed - BFA Graphic Design - Senior (VCUarts Qatar)

A Letterpress workshop to collaboratively create a printed zine that is composed with stories and experiences. Moving between the conflicting fields of analog and digital technology the workshop will bring to life these stories by exploring new design possibilities in Letterpress and Printmaking through contemporary design and modern technology.


Layered Stories

Emily Kuchenbecker - MFA Craft and Material Studies (Glass) -
2nd Year (VCUarts)

In the workshop Layered Stories, participants will explore a layered collaging on sheet glass to create deep, surreal narrative stories about themselves. Through cutting and pasting of magazine clippings, words, and personal photographs onto glass, we will utilize glass’s inherent transparent quality and create multi layered/multi dimensional collages. Participants may start with a portrait of their face, or work abstractly to create a narrative through found cut and pasted imagery directly onto the glass.


In Darkness We See Languages

Yixue (Ivy) Li - MFA Graphic Design Visual Communications - 2nd Year (VCUarts)

In Darkness We See Languages is a workshop that teaches light drawing/writing techniques. It also considers languages, translation, and translators as storytellers. The workshop encourages participants to use their bodies as tools to produce work that lives in and lights up darkness, a filter that renders us all equal.


Portrait Sculpting: A Tactile Narrative

Se Hee Jang - MFA Design - 2nd Year (VCUarts Qatar)

Let your story guide you through the tactile narrative. Participants will first learn the basic skills/knowledge that focuses on tool use and anatomy for portrait sculpting with clay. Then, they will have a chance to practice and implement the technical skills in exploring their own individual styles.


Music, Coding, and Community

Fiona Penn - BFA Kinetic Imaging, Minor Anthropology - Senior (VCUarts)

This workshop will teach participants how to make music using “live coding” and emphasize the importance of community building with accessible resources. Sonic Pi, the free software we will focus on, can generate complex sounds in seconds, no prior coding or music knowledge necessary.


Reconstructing Calligraphy:
Challenging Personal Narrative through Generative Play

Addie Johnson - BFA Graphic Design - Senior (VCUarts)

Reconstructing Calligraphy will focus on generative typographic form through calligraphic and digital production. Participants will work with Arabic and Latin letterforms, personal stories, and mark making as celebrations of individual and collective identity. The workshop will culminate in a series of final digital or printed poster pieces.


Weaving Your Story:
An Introduction to Using Symbols in Art

Rama Duwaji - BFA Communication Arts - Senior (VCUarts)

An illustration workshop that will be an exploration of how the common household item, a traditional rug, can utilize symbols to tell a story about a specific time and place. In your personalized ink drawings you will learn to incorporate your own unique symbols in your art to represent your identity, culture and personality and tell a personal story about who you are.