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On the last day of Tasmeem Doha Friday, March 15, our phenomenal lineup of workshop leaders will each be sharing with us a brief talk about their practice and work. Check out our schedule!

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Bandhani - Tie-dye craft from Kutch, India

Abduljabbar Khatri

Abduljabbar Khatri, from Kutch Gujarat, will conduct the Bandhani workshop to present the technique of thread resist, tying the sections of a fabric tightly with thread, dyeing the fabric and then untying the fabric to show the design.


Abduljabbar Khatri and his brother started tie-dyeing professionally in 1992, as part of a community of tie-dyers. In 2001, the Kutch district in India was hit by a massive earthquake that shattered homes and businesses. The region slowly began to recover, and for the past 10 years, Abduljabbar has worked with leading designers to explore many new dyeing techniques. His work has led to sustainable livelihoods for around 250 artisan women in rural Kutch.


Modelmaking in the Digital Age - Casting Materials in Architecture

Armor Gutiérrez Rivas

This workshop aims to provide an overview of the use of casting materials in architecture through a hands-on making experience in which participants discover the world of casting using silicone moulds and resins, while creating and architectural composition of their own design. Each design will tell a story created through making and these are to be shared and interconnected – participants will be encouraged to take over other participants' working process and input at certain stages, creating a collective vision of the workshop output.

Armor Gutiérrez Rivas is an architect and researcher who is working and living in London. He is interested in how new making and prototyping processes are shaping the built environment. In 2010, he founded Atelier La Juntana, a workshop focusing on the manufacture of innovative architecture prototypes and art installations which explore the boundary between traditional craft and digital design.


You’re Full of Beans! by the Bean Agency

Gary Webb

“You’re Full of Beans!” by the Bean Agency aims to bring people together through shared experience and real life interaction. This workshop incorporates cooking and woodworking to examine the ways storytelling inhabits both the kitchen and the shop traditionally. Spinning tall tales and whipping up excitement, this workshop will run like a How-To (DIY) television show.

G. William Webb (b.1987 Davenport, Iowa) lives and works in New York, New York. Webb's sculptures deal with the mutability of matter. His practice includes ceramics and metalwork to investigate the chief characteristics of each material: anthropomorphism, stasis and monumentality. He received his MFA from New York University in 2012.


Story Catcher

Giovanni Innella

Each participant will be given a voice-recordable greeting card and will go around campus, ask one question to the interviewees of their choice and record their answers. They will also take a photo related to the story that is being told, may this be a portrait of the storyteller, an object mentioned in their answer, a nearby location or anything else pertinent with what is being said by the interviewee. This photo will be printed in the inside of the card. The collection of cards will be displayed on a wall.

Giovanni Innella is a designer, critic and curator based in Tokyo where he also occupies the position of an Assistant Professor at the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology. In his career, Giovanni exhibited at the International Design Biennale of Saint-Etienne and the Fuorisalone of Milan among other venues. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Stedelijk Museum of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands).


Felted Word: A Collaborative Artist Book

Nastassja Swift

Utilizing both wet and dry felted processes, “Felted Word” will engage participants in a collaborative call-and-response felted artist book. With Day 1 participants working with wet felting and creating the surface of each page, Day 2 participants will learn needle felting to build onto the surface in detail. Each maker will contribute to the overall narrative through felted texture, color, layering and imagery. The final presentation will be an assembled multi-maker artist book for all to interact with.

Nastassja Swift is a visual artist holding a Bachelors degree of Fine Art from Virginia Commonwealth University with a major in Painting & Printmaking and a minor in Craft & Material Studies. She has participated in several national and international residences and exhibitions, including her solo exhibit in Doha in 2016.


Exercises in Style

Robin Cameron

Utilizing the conceptual structure of Raymond Queneau’s “Exercises in Style” (in which the book presents 99 different ways of writing of the same event), the participants will write down a story from their own mythology and then re-tell it 6 different ways. From here, the participants will make a one shot zine including the stories, as well as some simple artwork for a cover and back cover.

Robin Cameron, (b.1981, British Columbia, Canada) is an artist that works in New York City. Her books are available at Printed Matter and held in the collection of the MoMA library as well as the collection of the Whitney Museum. She graduated in 2012 with an MFA from Columbia University.


Utopian Dystopias: A study of architecture and print

Samer Fouad

The goal of the workshop is to allow participants to see architecture from different points of view. Using photoshop, participants will combine architectural imagery and typography to create landscapes we can see ourselves creating in. The workshop will end with a screen print of a specific image onto tote bags that will be editioned and distributed to all who ended the workshop.

Samer Fouad is an artist, photographer, and graphic designer based out of New York City. Samer was most recently a professor of Printmaking and Graphic Design at Rutgers University-Newark and a Co-founder of the Newark Printshop. He is currently an MDES Candidate in the University of Washington's Graduate Program.


Ajrakh Textiles - In Harmony with Nature

Sufiyan Khatri

Sufiyan Ismail Khatri will share the history of Ajrakh, which his family has practiced for ten generations. He comes from Ajrakhpur Village in the city of Bhuj in the Kutch District of Western India. He will showcase the various steps in creating hand block printed textiles, from preparing the fabric to applying the resist, to adding mordants (dye fixatives) and to the final printing of colors.


Sufiyan Ismail Khatri is a tenth generation hand block printer from Ajrakhpur village in Kutch. He produces the complex, highly skilled, natural dyed hand block print known as Ajrakh. His artisanal enterprise provides steady employment to his fellow craftspeople and sustains the tradition of Ajrakh print.


Narratives Mash-up + Responsive Riso Stories

Tricia Treacy

Collaborators in this workshop will interpret, distort and amend a short audio story as ideation for a collective and generative risograph workshop. Participants will express, share, revamp, and rethink narratives known and unknown in a short and intensive setting that introduces the risograph as a generative tool, as well as an output process. Final results, mistakes and creative process will be shown in an installation and in an untraditional book format.

Tricia Treacy is an interdisciplinary designer from Philadelphia. Her creative work is archived in more than 50 collections. Exhibition sites have included Colli Art Gallery in Rome, the San Francisco Public Library, St. Bride Library in London, and Type Directors Club in New York City. Tricia was a Fellow in Design at the American Academy in Rome in 2017.


Palestinian Embroidery 101: Tree of Life on Aida Cloth

Wafa Ghnaim

Wafa Ghnaim, author of Tatreez & Tea: Embroidery and Storytelling in the Palestinian Diaspora, will teach you how to embroider the traditional Tree of Life/Cypress Tree motif on Aida cloth. In this workshop, you will learn two methods of cross-stitch, how to transfer a pattern to fabric, thread color usage in traditional Palestinian motifs, motif repetition, as well as the meaning of the design. No experience is required and all materials are provided.

Wafa Ghnaim is an American-born Palestinian businesswoman, writer, and artist. Wafa began learning Palestinian embroidery from her mother when she was two years old. Today, she travels the world teaching Palestinian embroidery skills across the diaspora. In 2016, Wafa self-published Tatreez & Tea: Embroidery and Storytelling in the Palestinian Diaspora that chronicles diaspora embroidery traditions in her family, rooted from her mother’s hometown, Safad, Palestine.

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